Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paper C source

  1. Recycling is not as good as everyone makes it out to be.
  2. Those who think recycling is so great.
  3. To inform those people of some of the negative effects of recycling.
  4. Ethos: The writer of this article had to do a lot of research in order to deliver many hidden facts. He was able to find other studies and facts on forest growth, pollution from different kinds of manufacturing plants and so on. After gathering all of these, he could really get his argument going and point to these facts as proof that what he was talking about really was true.

Logos: He also used a lot of logic in structuring his argument. The article is entitled the 8 myths of recycling which is good because it causes the reader to be curious about these myths. It is also organized well with each myth and a short description on why it is indeed a myth and not a fact. The author also uses simple logic to explain how people fear garbage and what that fear is driving people to do and how that fear is often misinformed.

Sufficient: The article addresses all of the major issues with recycling and gives a clear argument as to why these things are bad with recycling. I feel it is very sufficient and does a great job explaining the issue.

Typical: It is also written in a way to help his audience understand his reasoning. There aren't a lot of jargon and difficult words throughout the article to confuse his audience. He also addresses the concerns his audience would have and gives good counter arguments to solve those issues for them.

  1. I feel the article was effective. It covered many things about recycling and set up the argument very well to get his point across.

Words: 306
Article: Eight Great Myths of Recycling

Thursday, November 18, 2010

President Monson's Gratitude Talk

  1. Gratitude will help you to be happier.

  1. Members of the LDS church plus all those throughout the world who lack happiness.

  1. To bring happiness to those that need it and to remind about the importance of gratitude.

  1. Pathos: President Monson uses some appeal to emotion as well by telling an old story. The story is about a family that gets electricity one year and many trials that same year. As the family complains about the hard times, the father turns off the lights and brings back the candle lights to show how great their lives really are compared to last year. He also speaks of death and of losing loved ones with regret because of never showing gratitude to them. These strories spark emotions in our hearts as we listen and learn and become a powerful motivator.

Ethos: President Monson makes several references to the scriptures as to the importance of gratitude. Many people of his audience regard the scriptures as authority from God, so referencing them will give his talk and purpose a lot more authority. He uses Luke 17 to show the story of the 10 lepers, Doctrine & Covenants 59:7 to show a more modern example as it is a revelation give to Joseph Smith.

Sufficient: President Monson covers scriptures, stories, and several examples of why gratitude is so important. No one could really argue against his points, so I believe he is quite sufficient.

Typical: He always speaks to his audience very well. His use of scriptures will appeal to those who are church goers while his use of personal stories and examples will appeal to those who do not know the scriptures. His audience will be able to relate and enjoy his talk.

  1. Effective: His talk had Ethos, Pathos, it was sufficient and typical to his audience so I would deem it very effective. His arguments would be tough to counter and they are solid with authority from the scriptures.
    Words: 330

Friday, November 5, 2010

Paper A - Married with Games

  1. Playing video games excessively damages the marriage relationship.

  1. The spouse that plays video games.

  1. To help the married video gamer to not play so excessively.

  1. Ethos: This argument used many sources from scholarly research articles that hold a lot of authority. There were studies cited from BYU that had researched the effects of video games on relationships as well as an article that was published in The American Journal of Family Therapy. Quoting and citing from this articles gave the argument a lot more weight as to what was being said.
Logos: As well as authority, the paper took on a very logical stance. There was listed the types of situations where excessive gaming takes place, how it starts, and the consequences of playing too much. It talks about how a gamer that plays excessively will neglect his/her spouse and that will cause problems in the relationship, which logically, it would.

Sufficient: I think this argument just skimmed the surface. It made good points that were valid and for some people it might be enough. But there is more out there. More points could have been made. Narrower arguments could have been brought up to meet the needs of a narrower audience. These things would be more persuasive for the audience.

Typical: The writing is typical for the audience and brings up valid points. Both the gaming spouse and non-gaming spouse would be able to understand all of the terms and situations that the paper covers.

  1. Effective: The paper was generally effective. The logic was clear and solid as well as the sources. The trick would just be to keep the gamer addict reading and keeping an open mind. The gamer might feel the argument doesn't quite relate to him/her specifically enough. Other than that, I think it was effective.

Words: 305
Paper A: Married with Games – Devon Dewey

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Macbook Selling.

  1. Buy this Macbook.

  1. Devon, a 24 year old married BYU student.

  1. The goal is to sell a Macbook.

  1. Logos: The argument was pretty logical and matter-of-factly. The seller said I should buy a Macbook because they are great quality, last a long time, and don’t get any viruses. These are all good things for anyone looking for a laptop because they don't want to buy something that falls apart in a year or two. The seller also skewed their argument towards me as a student. She told me that I could take notes in class, connect to WiFi on campus to study, and that it would help me to be more organized and to be a better student.

Ethos: There were a few claims to authority by stating that this Macbook is made by the famous company Apple. Apple has made a good reputation for itself in past years which makes retailers to really talk up how great Apple and its products are. Once the seller can make that connection and say “hey, Apple made this so you know it is going to be great,” then the sooner you can feel more confident about making your purchase.

Sufficient: I don't feel like the argument was completely sufficient for my needs. We talked a lot about things I already knew and most of the strong points the seller used could be found in other laptops made from other companies that also have a great reputation. The seller could have talked more about some of the capabilities of a mac versus a PC rather than just what a laptop in general is good for.

Typical: The seller definitely hit me correctly in being a student. Most of the claims being made were all pro student claims. Talking about how I can take notes and do better in class are all things that appeal to me as a student.

  1. Effective: I don't feel like the argument was as effective as it could be. It was typical and it did provide some good facts and appeals to authority, but it lacked in other ways. After our conversation, I was not totally sold on buying a Macbook so that it is why I feel it was not completely effective.

Words: 381
BYU Bookstore Mac store seller.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Music Video

Words: 279
  1. We are destroying the world.

  1. People who don't know what terrible things humans do.

  1. The goal is to show what awful things have been done.

  1. Pathos: The music video is heavily based on emotion. The video shows many dramatic images of animals being abused and dying. They show pollution and entire forests that have been chopped down. All of these images are meant to stir up emotion and make people feel horrible about what we have done to mother earth. Many of them are shown back to back with beautiful healthy animals and trees and then shows them all dead.

Logos: The video also uses a little bit of logic to reach its audience. By showing the happy, healthy animals followed by dying animals, the film reaches a new aspect to its emotional strengths. By pairing logical images together, the logos helps the pathos and will hopefully promote people to change the world and not kill animals and trees so much.

Sufficient: I do not believe the argument was very sufficient at all. It has a great start, but it would need to cover a few more things to make it better. Maybe some more images that don't look so staged and so on. Real people doing real things that are bad.

Typical: I do think it is typical though because the people it targets eat stuff up like this. Just with these images and words paired up, they will feel the need to do something. 

5. Effective:  I do think it will be effective to its audience.  I do feel it could be better with some better images and pairing up, but as it stands now, I do feel it will get the job done.  People will be touched. Michael Jackson: Earth Song

Friday, October 15, 2010

Source Paper #2 Review

  1. Video games help in learning processes.

  1. Researchers and educators in this field of learning.

  1. The goal is to show how games help education.

  1. Logos: The article is very logical in its approach. It starts by explaining education and the various ways we learn as the foundation. After that, it shows how games have positive effects on self-learning and how exactly that works. They use several examples and different types of games ranging from single player games to multi player games to cover all their bases.

Ethos: As this is a scholarly paper, there are claims to authority all over the place. The writers have done their homework and appeal to experts in many different fields to back up any claim they make. Several studies are mentioned throughout the entire article.

Sufficient: I do feel that this article is sufficient because it covers so many areas and questions that a person could have about video games and education. The way they split it up between single player games and multi player games helps strengthen their claims and makes sure their studies were not too narrow or bare.

Typical: They do well to write to their audience. I, however, am not their audience, so I easily get lost or bored with some of their jargon and wording. It is written for smarter people than me, but as we learned in class, that is still lame writing no matter who you are.

Effective: Yeah, way awesome effective. It is fun to see so much research and studies that have been done to see some of the positive effects of video games. They use many sources to make sure this somewhat different approach on video games can be easily verified.

Words: 290
The article went over the effects of digital games and their impact on self-learning.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Source Paper Review

  1. People should limit their excessive gaming habits because it ruins their relationships.

  1. The audience would be family counselors and psychologists.

  1. The goal is to show the damaging effects of excessive gaming and to point out the warning signs and how to help those that need it.

  1. Ethos: The author points out several other studies and news articles to make her point clear and give it a lot of authority. For example, she has 32 sources for her paper to make sure her bases are covered according to other experts and their studies.
    Pathos: There is a little appeal to emotion, though maybe not intentionally. Her examples of the man dying from playing so much really plays on your emotion of fear on how addictive these games can be. Also the entire paragraph dealing with the impact on families talks a lot about how it hurts relationships and can cause marriages to end in divorce which also scares people and makes them worried about it. It can also cause sadness to think of those negative effects on loved ones.
    Logos: The entire article is very logical as it is basically a scientific study. She lays out her argument by listing extreme examples of people who have played too much as well as listing several studies that have been done and have discovered lots of negative impacts it has on relationships. She is clear and uses a high appeal to Ethos to back up all her points and it all makes sense.
    Sufficient: She is quite sufficient. In fact, she is very thorough in her research to show the most important facts about gaming, the effects of gaming, the signs of too much gaming, and how to solve the problem. All it needs is a little bow and it is a perfectly wrapped present, ready to open and enjoy.
    Typical: This article is perfect for her audience and I believe her audience will be grateful to have it. It lays out so many things that they will need to know in order to help other families with this new addiction that is becoming more and more prevalent.
  2. Effective: The article is extremely effective. The only thing I think it is missing is some clear cut counter arguments, but it does such a good job on its initial argument, that most counter arguments do not come up. She achieves this by having so many sources and covering every base in order to convince her readers that this is a total package and the research is solid. 

    Words: 428
    The article is a scholarly study on the effects of excessive online gaming on adolescents, young adults and relationships.  It covered the impact gaming has on family, friends, and relationships as well as describing all of the symptoms of an addiction to gaming and how to best handle the addiction.