Saturday, October 23, 2010

Music Video

Words: 279
  1. We are destroying the world.

  1. People who don't know what terrible things humans do.

  1. The goal is to show what awful things have been done.

  1. Pathos: The music video is heavily based on emotion. The video shows many dramatic images of animals being abused and dying. They show pollution and entire forests that have been chopped down. All of these images are meant to stir up emotion and make people feel horrible about what we have done to mother earth. Many of them are shown back to back with beautiful healthy animals and trees and then shows them all dead.

Logos: The video also uses a little bit of logic to reach its audience. By showing the happy, healthy animals followed by dying animals, the film reaches a new aspect to its emotional strengths. By pairing logical images together, the logos helps the pathos and will hopefully promote people to change the world and not kill animals and trees so much.

Sufficient: I do not believe the argument was very sufficient at all. It has a great start, but it would need to cover a few more things to make it better. Maybe some more images that don't look so staged and so on. Real people doing real things that are bad.

Typical: I do think it is typical though because the people it targets eat stuff up like this. Just with these images and words paired up, they will feel the need to do something. 

5. Effective:  I do think it will be effective to its audience.  I do feel it could be better with some better images and pairing up, but as it stands now, I do feel it will get the job done.  People will be touched. Michael Jackson: Earth Song

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