Friday, September 24, 2010

Avett Brothers - Shame

1.  The girl should take him back because he is truly sorry and will do better this time.

2.  The audience is the girl who he used to be with.
  1. The goal is to get back together with this girl.

  1. Ethos: The songwriter never makes any kind of appeal to authority. He does not use any statistics or experts in the field whatsoever.

Pathos: The songwriter uses a lot of emotional appeal because he knows his audience well. He knows that she is a female and that females are more persuaded by emotional arguments. He also knows her very well and what went wrong last time and what needs to be said to fix the problems that she would have with taking him back this time. Those things include him saying his life is different now, he knows what it means to care, he's sorry for the mean things he said and he feels lots of real shame for his actions. All these things are supposed to show the girl that he is truly sorry and remorseful and that things really will be different this time around.

Logos: Although most of his argument is based around emotion, I feel that that is a very logical sense to his structuring as well. He lays out what he did that was wrong and attaches a promise to each one telling her that things will be different. He logically shows her that he has grown up in a sense and will be more mature about their relationship. He shows this by saying how he knows how to care about her and promises that things won't end the same.

Sufficient: In this case he shares a sufficient amount of evidence to his changed heart for her. The lines that tell her how sorry he is and how he knows what he said was wrong and a lie and he wants those things to go away prove to her of this change. He goes through a few more examples to reinforce this idea of a change.

Typical: His argument is very well crafted to his audience. He knows exactly why she's mad at him and his statements are pointed right at those problems. He uses terms and situations that she is familiar with so that it is acceptable to the audience. You can also tell that he is very knowledgable with the situation since he was the man in the relationship.

5.  I believe this was effective because of all of the above stated facts.  I'm sure she took him back because girls almost always do.
Words: 423

Lyrics to Shame :
Okay so I was wrong about
My reasons for us fallin’ out
Of love I want to fall back in

My life is different now I swear
I know now what it means to care
About somebody other than myself

I know the things I said to you
They were untender and untrue
I’d like to see those things undo

So if you could find it in your heart
To give a man a second start
I promise things won’t end the same

Shame, boatloads of shame
Day after day, more of the same
Blame, please lift it off
Please take it off, please make it stop

Okay so I have read the mail
The stories people often tell
About us that we never knew

But their existence will float away
And just like every word they say
And we will hold hands as they fade

Shame, boatloads of shame
Day after day, more of the same
Blame, please lift it off
Please take it off, please make it stop

I felt so sure of everything
My love to you so well received
And I just strutted around your town
Knowing I didn’t let you down
The truth be known, the truth be told
My heart was always fairly cold
Posing to be as warm as yours
My way of getting in your world
But now I’m out and I’ve had time
To look around and think
And sink into another world
That’s filled with guilt and overwhelming

Shame, boatloads of shame
Day after day, more of the same
Blame, please lift it off
Please take it off, please make it stop

And everyone they have a heart
And when they break and fall apart
And need somebody’s helping hand

I used to say just let ’em fall
It wouldn’t bother me at all
I couldn’t help them now I can
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

#2 commerical - Old Spice

  1. The argument is that old spice is for manly men and not girly men because it makes smell like a man, man.
  2. The audience is men, specifically men who think they should be manly.
  3. The goal is to sell more Old Spice to men.
  4. Logos: Old Spice uses logic to play on the part of man's thinking that they should be masculine. Most men have the desire to be and seem like men, so Old Spice tells their audience that using Old Spice will make you smell like a man. Other than just flat out saying this, they also make you want to use it to be like a man by saying other girly men use other things that smell girly and say it in a way that seems wrong.
Ethos: By having a strong, attractive, confident male to endorse their product, they use Ethos to a degree. Men can watch this and automatically want to be like him and will want to use Old Spice to be manly like he is.

Pathos: Old Spice uses a little bit of comedy and surprise as they go through this commercial as well. It plays on the audience's emotion of surprise and curiosity as the commercial goes through from a bathroom to a ship to a beach on a horse. The entire commercial has a manly feel to it as it is done quickly and confidently. The main star exhibits everything that a man should and the audience can feel that as he doesn't have a shirt on and speaks strongly towards the audience.

5. I think this commercial and argument is very effective because it makes their audience want to be manly and provides a product that will provide that manliness. The strong character and interesting way the commercial is played all contribute to this manly feeling. Also, how the character makes fun of other girly products and speaks strongly of how manly Old Spice can make you.
Words: 331

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still Advertisment

1.  The argument is that ice cream is still for adults and is fun.

2.  The audience is fun-loving adults.

3.  The goal is to sell more Nestle ice cream.

4.  Logos:  The ad uses a logic sense by using this unsaid arguement: "Kids love to have fun and ice cream is fun.  But it is also okay for you as an adult to have fun and eat ice cream, too.  So join in and buy our ice cream and start having fun!"  It all flows and seems logical and makes people think, "yeah, I want to have fun, too!"

Ethos:  The only ethos the advertiser uses is by putting a picture of an adult female to prove and show an adult eating their ice cream.  Other than that, there is no attributing fac 
ts to doctors or scientists or of anything of that nature.

Pathos:  The ad can play on your child-like emotions.  It makes you remember of what it was like being a kid with a care-free life and doing fun things.  For a lot of people, those will be good memories and they will connect those memories to this ad and think "Maybe if I buy that ice cream, I'll have fun again like when I was a kid."
5.  I think this ad was very short and simple and that made it effective for me.  It catches my eye, sells me the deal, and everyone is happier.