Friday, October 1, 2010

Source Paper Review

  1. People should limit their excessive gaming habits because it ruins their relationships.

  1. The audience would be family counselors and psychologists.

  1. The goal is to show the damaging effects of excessive gaming and to point out the warning signs and how to help those that need it.

  1. Ethos: The author points out several other studies and news articles to make her point clear and give it a lot of authority. For example, she has 32 sources for her paper to make sure her bases are covered according to other experts and their studies.
    Pathos: There is a little appeal to emotion, though maybe not intentionally. Her examples of the man dying from playing so much really plays on your emotion of fear on how addictive these games can be. Also the entire paragraph dealing with the impact on families talks a lot about how it hurts relationships and can cause marriages to end in divorce which also scares people and makes them worried about it. It can also cause sadness to think of those negative effects on loved ones.
    Logos: The entire article is very logical as it is basically a scientific study. She lays out her argument by listing extreme examples of people who have played too much as well as listing several studies that have been done and have discovered lots of negative impacts it has on relationships. She is clear and uses a high appeal to Ethos to back up all her points and it all makes sense.
    Sufficient: She is quite sufficient. In fact, she is very thorough in her research to show the most important facts about gaming, the effects of gaming, the signs of too much gaming, and how to solve the problem. All it needs is a little bow and it is a perfectly wrapped present, ready to open and enjoy.
    Typical: This article is perfect for her audience and I believe her audience will be grateful to have it. It lays out so many things that they will need to know in order to help other families with this new addiction that is becoming more and more prevalent.
  2. Effective: The article is extremely effective. The only thing I think it is missing is some clear cut counter arguments, but it does such a good job on its initial argument, that most counter arguments do not come up. She achieves this by having so many sources and covering every base in order to convince her readers that this is a total package and the research is solid. 

    Words: 428
    The article is a scholarly study on the effects of excessive online gaming on adolescents, young adults and relationships.  It covered the impact gaming has on family, friends, and relationships as well as describing all of the symptoms of an addiction to gaming and how to best handle the addiction.

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