Saturday, October 30, 2010

Macbook Selling.

  1. Buy this Macbook.

  1. Devon, a 24 year old married BYU student.

  1. The goal is to sell a Macbook.

  1. Logos: The argument was pretty logical and matter-of-factly. The seller said I should buy a Macbook because they are great quality, last a long time, and don’t get any viruses. These are all good things for anyone looking for a laptop because they don't want to buy something that falls apart in a year or two. The seller also skewed their argument towards me as a student. She told me that I could take notes in class, connect to WiFi on campus to study, and that it would help me to be more organized and to be a better student.

Ethos: There were a few claims to authority by stating that this Macbook is made by the famous company Apple. Apple has made a good reputation for itself in past years which makes retailers to really talk up how great Apple and its products are. Once the seller can make that connection and say “hey, Apple made this so you know it is going to be great,” then the sooner you can feel more confident about making your purchase.

Sufficient: I don't feel like the argument was completely sufficient for my needs. We talked a lot about things I already knew and most of the strong points the seller used could be found in other laptops made from other companies that also have a great reputation. The seller could have talked more about some of the capabilities of a mac versus a PC rather than just what a laptop in general is good for.

Typical: The seller definitely hit me correctly in being a student. Most of the claims being made were all pro student claims. Talking about how I can take notes and do better in class are all things that appeal to me as a student.

  1. Effective: I don't feel like the argument was as effective as it could be. It was typical and it did provide some good facts and appeals to authority, but it lacked in other ways. After our conversation, I was not totally sold on buying a Macbook so that it is why I feel it was not completely effective.

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BYU Bookstore Mac store seller.

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