Friday, October 15, 2010

Source Paper #2 Review

  1. Video games help in learning processes.

  1. Researchers and educators in this field of learning.

  1. The goal is to show how games help education.

  1. Logos: The article is very logical in its approach. It starts by explaining education and the various ways we learn as the foundation. After that, it shows how games have positive effects on self-learning and how exactly that works. They use several examples and different types of games ranging from single player games to multi player games to cover all their bases.

Ethos: As this is a scholarly paper, there are claims to authority all over the place. The writers have done their homework and appeal to experts in many different fields to back up any claim they make. Several studies are mentioned throughout the entire article.

Sufficient: I do feel that this article is sufficient because it covers so many areas and questions that a person could have about video games and education. The way they split it up between single player games and multi player games helps strengthen their claims and makes sure their studies were not too narrow or bare.

Typical: They do well to write to their audience. I, however, am not their audience, so I easily get lost or bored with some of their jargon and wording. It is written for smarter people than me, but as we learned in class, that is still lame writing no matter who you are.

Effective: Yeah, way awesome effective. It is fun to see so much research and studies that have been done to see some of the positive effects of video games. They use many sources to make sure this somewhat different approach on video games can be easily verified.

Words: 290
The article went over the effects of digital games and their impact on self-learning.

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