Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paper C source

  1. Recycling is not as good as everyone makes it out to be.
  2. Those who think recycling is so great.
  3. To inform those people of some of the negative effects of recycling.
  4. Ethos: The writer of this article had to do a lot of research in order to deliver many hidden facts. He was able to find other studies and facts on forest growth, pollution from different kinds of manufacturing plants and so on. After gathering all of these, he could really get his argument going and point to these facts as proof that what he was talking about really was true.

Logos: He also used a lot of logic in structuring his argument. The article is entitled the 8 myths of recycling which is good because it causes the reader to be curious about these myths. It is also organized well with each myth and a short description on why it is indeed a myth and not a fact. The author also uses simple logic to explain how people fear garbage and what that fear is driving people to do and how that fear is often misinformed.

Sufficient: The article addresses all of the major issues with recycling and gives a clear argument as to why these things are bad with recycling. I feel it is very sufficient and does a great job explaining the issue.

Typical: It is also written in a way to help his audience understand his reasoning. There aren't a lot of jargon and difficult words throughout the article to confuse his audience. He also addresses the concerns his audience would have and gives good counter arguments to solve those issues for them.

  1. I feel the article was effective. It covered many things about recycling and set up the argument very well to get his point across.

Words: 306
Article: Eight Great Myths of Recycling