Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still Advertisment

1.  The argument is that ice cream is still for adults and is fun.

2.  The audience is fun-loving adults.

3.  The goal is to sell more Nestle ice cream.

4.  Logos:  The ad uses a logic sense by using this unsaid arguement: "Kids love to have fun and ice cream is fun.  But it is also okay for you as an adult to have fun and eat ice cream, too.  So join in and buy our ice cream and start having fun!"  It all flows and seems logical and makes people think, "yeah, I want to have fun, too!"

Ethos:  The only ethos the advertiser uses is by putting a picture of an adult female to prove and show an adult eating their ice cream.  Other than that, there is no attributing fac 
ts to doctors or scientists or of anything of that nature.

Pathos:  The ad can play on your child-like emotions.  It makes you remember of what it was like being a kid with a care-free life and doing fun things.  For a lot of people, those will be good memories and they will connect those memories to this ad and think "Maybe if I buy that ice cream, I'll have fun again like when I was a kid."
5.  I think this ad was very short and simple and that made it effective for me.  It catches my eye, sells me the deal, and everyone is happier. 


  1. yeah, totally. I have to agree with you. Wow, i'm so glad I found this blog.

  2. Thats because my idea is now your idea. Boom.