Saturday, September 18, 2010

#2 commerical - Old Spice

  1. The argument is that old spice is for manly men and not girly men because it makes smell like a man, man.
  2. The audience is men, specifically men who think they should be manly.
  3. The goal is to sell more Old Spice to men.
  4. Logos: Old Spice uses logic to play on the part of man's thinking that they should be masculine. Most men have the desire to be and seem like men, so Old Spice tells their audience that using Old Spice will make you smell like a man. Other than just flat out saying this, they also make you want to use it to be like a man by saying other girly men use other things that smell girly and say it in a way that seems wrong.
Ethos: By having a strong, attractive, confident male to endorse their product, they use Ethos to a degree. Men can watch this and automatically want to be like him and will want to use Old Spice to be manly like he is.

Pathos: Old Spice uses a little bit of comedy and surprise as they go through this commercial as well. It plays on the audience's emotion of surprise and curiosity as the commercial goes through from a bathroom to a ship to a beach on a horse. The entire commercial has a manly feel to it as it is done quickly and confidently. The main star exhibits everything that a man should and the audience can feel that as he doesn't have a shirt on and speaks strongly towards the audience.

5. I think this commercial and argument is very effective because it makes their audience want to be manly and provides a product that will provide that manliness. The strong character and interesting way the commercial is played all contribute to this manly feeling. Also, how the character makes fun of other girly products and speaks strongly of how manly Old Spice can make you.
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